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College Things: A Brief Update

Hello All, So if you’re wondering, “Hey, why has Michael not been posting for the last week? Has he been kidnapped?” No, friends. I’m in college. But seriously call the police, I’m being held in a basement. Another huge obstacle has been my computer. I can’t post from my computer any more. It’s a long […]

Restaurant Rant- August 2012

Kentucky Fried Chicken… FORSHAME!!! I want to meet the whale who thought this one up. It seems like they’re playing a game with us and it’s called: What WON’T Americans Eat? Well let me tell you, if people are buying this then those Kentucky fried terrorists have WON. For those of you who didn’t immediately […]

Is There a Future in Big Food?

Okay, we’ve seen Man v.s. Food. Big Food= Big Bucks for any restaurant chain right? WRONG! While Americans are notorious for are massive mealtimes, restaurants specializing in these unreal meals seem to all have a few things in common. Accessability: Even if it’s not in the heart of a crowded city, most restaurants specializing in […]