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Leftovers: A Love Story

What are leftovers but making two meals out of one? They can be a gamble or a mystery. If you’re in college, then they are almost certainly a gamble AND a mystery. But most of all, leftovers give you the opportunity to make something new out of something old. Here are some ways to re-purpose […]

And I be Feedin’ You My Lunches- 6/10/12

For lunch yesterday I had leftover Chinese food. It was an egg roll and white rice that was still molded in the shape of the box because, after all, I am a classy gentleman. Day-old Chinese food is a lot like cocaine. It’s never as good as the first time around and you’re left craving […]

And I be Feedin’ You My Lunches- 6/28/11

For lunch today I made myself an open-faced sandwich using some tandoori style naan (a doughy Indian bread. Try it, you’ll thank me later) which I toasted with some olive oil. Then I sprinkled it with some parmesan. After that I decked her out with some low fat salami (got to keep that beach body […]