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Can a Coffee a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Coffee… We drink it. We love it. Many of us are slaves to it. But can a cup of Joe help prevent some of the most common illnesses. A literature review published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that the general scientific consensus is that while coffee consumption is associated with a short-term decrease […]

Should We Accept Fat Acceptance?

Is it okay to be fat? The Fat Acceptance movement seems to think so. The movement essentially promotes accepting a larger body size and not having to conform to the high beauty standards of a vain society. Seems innocent enough, right? And let me just say- for the most part, I agree. If you’re big, […]

Let Me Explain…

So here’s the deal. I pulled a Jonah Hill (and not in a good way). This time last year I was hovering around 240. I had lost about 70 pounds and was feeling pretty proud of myself. But I learned that there’s a difference between losing weight fast and losing weight the right way. It’s […]

Weight Loss 2.0

So here’s the deal. Lost a bunch of weight, gained most of it back, felt like a fatty, ate some ice cream, felt better. That said, I am going at it again and am hoping that this time, my approach to weight loss will be more sustainable. I am blogging to keep myself motivated and […]

You’re Going to Want to Read This One…

I’ve waited so long to be able to say this. I’ve worked incredibly hard every day. This last month has been one of the hardest I’ve ever had. I’ve had to watch while family and friends devoured food that I hadn’t ever realized I had taken for granted. I have faced some of the strongest […]

Foodlessness: Day 1

WARNING: This post features lots of math and stats which any normal human being would find incredibly dense. What you are about to read skim has been written primarily for my own benefit. So… deal with it. Day one of diet shakes. The lack of physical stamina and slight increase in irritability have sucked the […]

Making Permanent Change

Shortly after my last post, my mother took me to a weight loss clinic where I was evaluated by a team of experts trained to withstand the gag reflex brought about by being in the presence of a topless fatass such as myself. I found out that while I am overall pretty healthy, my overall […]

The Summer of Michael!!!

Listen up people! I’m gonna be straight with you. I went to college and have around 40 more pounds of “me” to show for it. Here’s the facts… My degree is officially “Molecular and Cellular Biology” with an emphasis in Infectious Disease & Immunity as well as Microbiology. I get very little sleep. My GPA is […]

The Worst Delivery Experience…

So, look. I get off work at 4:00 am. By the time I recover from the inevitable coma that follows a graveyard shift, the dining hall has closed. What’s my solution? I get delivery. So I had heard good things about this restaurant called Seaboat so I order a meal: 3 shrimp, 2 catfish strips, […]

What Your Personal Trainer’s Really Thinking…

On the eighth day, Satan put athletic trainers on this Earth to silently torment the obese with their perfect forms. Here are my predictions as to what goes through these chiseled-chested demons minds as they watch us suffer through the countless exercises they prescribe for us. Squats “Oh my God, if he farts now I win the pool!” “Your […]