Should We Accept Fat Acceptance?

Is it okay to be fat?

The Fat Acceptance movement seems to think so. The movement essentially promotes accepting a larger body size and not having to conform to the high beauty standards of a vain society. Seems innocent enough, right?

And let me just say- for the most part, I agree.

If you’re big, be big. Accept who you are. However, many proponents of the movement aren’t “plus-size”. There needs to be a clear distinction between being “curvy” or “plus-sized” and being unhealthy. There is something very definitely wrong with being unhealthy and maybe yes, as a society we shouldn’t ostracize these people but nobody should be okay with putting their health at stake. This movement walks (and in many cases, crosses) the line between self-acceptance and creating excuses to justify an unhealthy and destructive lifestyle.

It is for that reason that, while I wholeheartedly believe that no one should feel the need to change the way they look to meet societal standards, I am not “fat positive”.

Let us instead promote being healthy and the understanding that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.


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