Monthly Archives: February 2015

Can a Coffee a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Coffee… We drink it. We love it. Many of us are slaves to it. But can a cup of Joe help prevent some of the most common illnesses. A literature review¬†published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that the general scientific consensus is that while coffee consumption is associated with a short-term decrease […]

Should We Accept Fat Acceptance?

Is it okay to be fat? The Fat Acceptance movement seems to think so. The movement essentially promotes accepting a larger body size and not having to conform to the high beauty standards of a vain society. Seems innocent enough, right? And let me just say- for the most part, I agree. If you’re big, […]

Let Me Explain…

So here’s the deal. I pulled a Jonah Hill (and not in a good way). This time last year I was hovering around 240. I had lost about 70 pounds and was feeling pretty proud of myself. But I learned that there’s a difference between losing weight fast and losing weight the right way. It’s […]