Weight Loss 2.0

So here’s the deal. Lost a bunch of weight, gained most of it back, felt like a fatty, ate some ice cream, felt better.

That said, I am going at it again and am hoping that this time, my approach to weight loss will be more sustainable. I am blogging to keep myself motivated and accountable.

So these posts are not going to be particularly funny or well edited and I may go back and edit some of them in time but the reason for dip in quality is because I am genuinely insanely busy. Here’s why…

!!!Life Update!!!
This summer I am working under contract as a biomathematician (ladies have I mentioned I’m single), in my off hours I’m working as an apprentice brewmaster, interning at a children’s science museum, managing a podcast network, researching grants for a nonprofit, conducting a study on the potential use of infographics in scientific publications, working on getting independently published on Amazon, earning a number of certifications from Google, and modeling some market research data for an independent project.

So okay I’m a tad busy as it is. Why not throw weight loss into the mix.

So I guess this is day 1 of weight loss 2.0. I know that for a while, every day will feel like day 1. I know that subconsciously I know that I’m aiming to lose a significant amount of weight by the next time I’m with a large group of friends but I can’t let that drive me. I have to think in terms of long term sustainability. The first day is always easy. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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