Kudos to the Clown

So I go waddle into a McDonald’s or (as I’ve come to think of it) my natural habitat the other day and for the first time in my life I’ve got to say I was impressed. Now this may be old news because I’ve been in college for four months and haven’t been to a McDonald’s once but they’re advertising the caloric content of their menu items on the glowing menu.

Now this impresses me for a couple of reasons.

1. People Can’t Complain About What They’re Eating: Gone are the days of people wining over how McDonald’s food is so bad for you and blaming the golden arches for their obesity. At least I hope this is the case. With the nutrition facts clearly posted next to the picture of the food, McDonald’s proves that their not afraid to show their food is bad for you. They’re leaving the choice to us. Doing this takes away that sense of intentional ignorance I try to create when I splurge on an Angus Mushroom & Swiss Third Pounder.

2. People Can Select Their Meals Based On Caloric Content: With the calories posted directly beneath the picture of the menu item, I began to view it as sort of a point system. You want a McRib? 560 points. You want a medium shake? 700 points. Now that I am able to view the menu in that way, I can try to limit myself to X amount of points before I begin my McJourney. Yesterday unfortunately, I set a new high score.

Well I couldn’t actually think of a third thing to round this off but two is technically a couple so take what you can get you ungrateful moochers.


~I’ll be feeding you seconds in no time




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