My Job

Please, readers, let me get serious for like, one second.

I can’t tell you how much my new job has changed me. I’ve only worked a day, one shift, but that’s all it took. I work for Beckwith Residential Support Services. It’s a healthcare job. The university offers some incredibly cutting edge options for it’s physically handicapped students, allowing them to have the same great college experience as everyone else. Behind these possibilities is a team of medical staff of which I am proud to be a part of, to help them perform some of the most basic functions that many of us take for granted.

My shift started at 8:30 and I live approximately 1.5 miles away. Rain was coming down in buckets and I have a phobia of getting my feet wet. Oh and the buses weren’t running. Pretty miserable right? So I’m making the trudge over to work, the contents of my backpack got soaked. But in all this misery I realized, who do I have to complain to? The guy I work for couldn’t even get out of bed! It was an emotional realization and the power that perspective can have is pretty incredible. I ended up getting there on time. Basically all I had to do was get a person out of bed and ready for the day. This may sound easy but think about your morning routine. Imagine someone else having to do literally all of that for you, moving every muscle. To protect the privacy of the residents, I don’t want to say much more. But I can tell you that, what I did at work that day changed the way I look at things. I wasn’t phased much past that, which is good. But I’ve started feeling like I might just make a good doctor after all. And that’s a good feeling to have.

I’ll be feeding you seconds in no time~

Michael Pirovano


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