I’m a World Record Holder! (and the Freshman 15)

You didn’t read the title wrong, I’M SECRETLY A WOMAN!!! ImageWrong title? Well if you thought I’m a world record holder than you guessed right! On August 24th, 2012, I joined roughly 7000 people in breaking the world record for corn husking at our college orientation; a feat that was magical only in the sense that I now know what slave labor feels like. But I can now cross that one off my bucket list.

So I just ate a delicious lunch of cheese stuffed tortellini with pesto sauce, mini bratwurst, cheese fries, french fried shrimp, a brownie, and a Coke Zero. The freshman 15 is coming for me. It scares me to even type that. But here’s why I haven’t caved in on myself like a dying star: The amount of walking one does in college, specifically on a huge campus is astronomical! Also, even if you eat big meals, you’re not really snacking in between them Imageso that helps. What I am trying to do is start a one plate rule for myself. Fit as much greasy crap onto one plate and never look back for the rest of the meal. This way even if I can cram 500-700 calories on there, it’s still not that much compared to going back for more.

So if any of you are starting to get rolesonrolesonroles, Try taking one plate… fatty.

~I’ll be feeding you seconds in no time



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