Monthly Archives: September 2012

My Job

Please, readers, let me get serious for like, one second. I can’t tell you how much my new job has changed me. I’ve only worked a day, one shift, but that’s all it took. I work for Beckwith Residential Support Services. It’s a healthcare job. The university offers some incredibly cutting edge options for it’s […]

I’m a World Record Holder! (and the Freshman 15)

You didn’t read the title wrong, I’M SECRETLY A WOMAN!!! Wrong title? Well if you thought I’m a world record holder than you guessed right! On August 24th, 2012, I joined roughly 7000 people in breaking the world record for corn husking at our college orientation; a feat that was magical only in the sense […]

College Things: A Brief Update

Hello All, So if you’re wondering, “Hey, why has Michael not been posting for the last week? Has he been kidnapped?” No, friends. I’m in college. But seriously call the police, I’m being held in a basement. Another huge obstacle has been my computer. I can’t post from my computer any more. It’s a long […]