Restaurant Rant- August 2012

Kentucky Fried Chicken… FORSHAME!!! I want to meet the whale who thought this one up. It seems like they’re playing a game with us and it’s called: What WON’T Americans Eat? Well let me tell you, if people are buying this then those Kentucky fried terrorists have WON. For those of you who didn’t immediately exit out of the internet at the mere sight of the monstrosity on the right, the KFC Double Down consists of two fried chicken fillets with a slice of Monterey and pepper jack cheese wedged in between them along with two strips of bacon and some mysterious sauce. What the Hell man? The Double Down has only 460 calories. Okay so that’s forgivable. 1430 milligrams of sodium? Oh hell no! This is not an entree, this is a full-on assault on the American diet. It’s really not the nutrition facts that make it this month’s Restaurant Rant recipient. It’s the content. To think that a company would sink so low as to tempt America with a sandwich that is not, anatomically, a sandwich!!! FORSHAME!!!

I’ll be feeding you seconds in no time~


For more information on the KFC Double Down:


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