On The Subject of Poutine…

Poutine, simply put, is french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Even more simply put: “Like if The Hamburgler ate at a Del Taco, that’s what his s*#$ would look like.”

The question I’ve got is whether or not it’s worth it. Now to my knowledge, poutine is made primarily in Canada and the northeastern part of the U.S. so I have yet to get my hands on it. But the fact that it even exists makes me curious. Let’s take this beast apart, shall we?

The Pros:

  • It has the potential for deliciousness.
  • It has become a novelty food in everywhere it’s not sold.
  • It has “poo” in it’s name.

The Cons:

  • It could kill you.
  • The consistency of cheese curds and french fries might not go over so well with the old tum-tum.
  • It is commonly made with beef gravy so that’s a no-go for all you veg-heads.

The Verdict: Yes. Worth it. While you may not be alive to go back for a second helping, everyone loves tracking down and eating novelty food. While it’s not necessarily Egg Nog or S’mores, it is still worth it to say you’ve tried it.

I’ll be feeding you seconds in no time~



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