Movin’ On Up!!!

Hello All!

So I took a look at this blog at its old site on and saw that, while I was busy eating, sleeping, graduating, and basically doing everything but blogging, it got pretty popular!

So, if it’s more you want, it’s more you’ll get. You greedy chumps.

Quadruple F has returned in full swing bringing you more than ever before. You can expect to see at least two posts and a recipe each week. And the best part, THE QUADRUPLE F PODCAST!!!

The podcast goes up in September featuring a yet to be determined side-kick. It’ll feature news riffs, food/fitness banter, and the general podcast shenanigans you only listen to when you’re bored.

There’s only one thing I need from you… HITS!!! VIEW/LISTEN/SHAREWITHFRIENDSANDNEIGHBORS!!!
The success of the site depends on YOU!!!
So enjoy Food & Fitness from the Fat & Fed!

I’ll be feeding you seconds in no time~
Michael Pirovano



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