Is There a Future in Big Food?

Okay, we’ve seen Man v.s. Food. Big Food= Big Bucks for any restaurant chain right? WRONG! While Americans are notorious for are massive mealtimes, restaurants specializing in these unreal meals seem to all have a few things in common.

  1. Accessability: Even if it’s not in the heart of a crowded city, most restaurants specializing in big food seem to be right off of major highways where travelers can take the restaurants reputation with them to their destination.
  2. Menu: Very few enormous eateries focus solely on the “enormous” aspect. Different clients have different appetites, making it risky to have an all jumbo menu (the same goes for restaurants with a bite-size courses).
  3. Quality: Like all restaurants, quality is key. And bearing the risk of colossus courses means that each dish must be spot on.
  4. Reputation: THIS IS CRUCIAL!!! I mean some of what I’ve listed applies to all restaurants but specifically with these novelty dives, building a reputation within the area is what will bring in the bucks.

So knowing that these conditions must be perfectly in place for one to launch a successful restaurant that does food to the extreme, I have formed the opinion that, while there will always be restaurants like these, chains like McDonald’s or Wendy’s will never have to worry about competition.

I’ll be feeding you seconds in no time~



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