In Protestation…

My friends, I must launch a protest. A protest against the abuse of our capitalist system. I am talking of course about a protest of Starbucks. Recently I walked into what I formerly belived to be a purveyor of fine caffeinated delights when I found myself both hoodwinked AND bamboozled. I asked for a small iced coffee. Starbucks does not have small coffees. They have short, tall, grande, and venti. Which I don’t why they feel the need to give Spanish names to the most infamous white person drinks since wine coolers. But they charged me two of my hard earned dollars for what is essentially a dixie cup of decent coffee. F%^& THAT!!! First off, to get my money’s worth I used the damn cup for every sip of water I took for the next two weeks. Then I took my money down to Mickey D’s and got a silo of premium carmel iced in seven seconds flat God bless America!!! I am sick of marked up foods you can get for half a pittance somewhere else. We are Americans. I’m sorry but it is quantity not quality for 63% of adults (that’s the fat %) in this country. We’re in a recession and two dollars for a shot glass of iced coffee no longer makes the cut in my diet and unless you’re rolling it down, shouldn’t make the cut in yours.

I’ll be feeding you seconds in no time~




  1. Sarah "sars" · · Reply

    Boo Starbucks. Caribou’s quality is far superior and actually worth the cost!

  2. Come to caribou. I work there. Do a blog on how awsome the store at gold and roselle is!

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