Food for Your Voice

As an actor and forensics competitor, it’s essential to know what kinds of food are good and not so good for my voice. Singers and orators both face a few vocal obstacles. One may run the risk of cotton mouth (lack of saliva), a phlegm-filled throat, and a thick film which occasionally coats the back of the throat. These are typically the product of diet. Caffeine, sugar, and dairy products will often leave you with a clogged voice. To combat this, ingesting lemon or acidic juices along with honey or other light foods is usually a safe bet. Beware of crunchy such as almonds which may break down and cut up the back of the throat.

But… if you want to really do the job: Throat Coat Tea by Traditional Medicinals. That’s the good stuff. It will fix pretty much any problem you’ve got going on back there. I SWEAR BY IT!!!

Here’s the link to their website. You’re welcome:


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