Carnival Food

Recently, I paid a visit to Six Flags Great America for the first time in 6 years. First off let me just say that some of those rides made me blow chunks and therefore should be wiped off the fac of the Earth. Rides aside, one thing that really caught my eye was the food. Carnival food is expensive, greasy, and never sit well in your stomach when a automated death machine sends you twirling every which way. IS IT WORTH IT?


    • Novelty: I mean, very rarely do you see funnel cake or elephant ear vendors doling out heart-stopping goodness outside of carnival/amusement park grounds. If you can’t get it anywhere else, might as well get it when you can.
  • Taste: As horrible for you as it is, carny food is delicious (nomnomnom). As mentioned in one of my previous posts, if you find good food that’s also novelty food eat it!!!


    • COST: I spent 18 dollars on lunch at Six Flags. Oh Hellz no. If you go more than once a year, smuggle in your own food!!! Otherwise you may end up spending way to much on food that you CAN get anywhere else, novelty food not included.
  • Tummy Toll: (Tangent: I don’t like the word “tummy”. I think it is childish.) Yeah this s%^* will FATTEN YOU UP. While I was there, they were advertising funnel cake sundays (a funnel cake with an ice cream sunday on top). It’s almost like they’re trying to justify buying bigger harnesses for the rides by expandin our bodies to fit snuggly inside them.

The Verdict: Yes. It’s worth it. But only if you go once or twice a year and really make an event out of it. Otherwise it’s just safer to smuggle in your own food.

I’ll be feeding you seconds in no time~


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